Meal service can be arranged for either a specific or indefinite period of time.  Referrals are made by physicians, social service agencies, hospital discharge planners, family members, NY CONNECTS (716-753-4582) and recipients themselves. An Outreach Coordinator from Office for Aging Services will be in contact to interview you about your individual needs. The Meals on Wheels program will be explained more fully and meal contribution arrangements are discussed. Your information will be kept completely confidential.

If You
-Are unable to cook or shop
-Have no one to prepare food for you on a consistent basis
-Are recuperating at home
-Have recently been discharged from the hospital
-Are a caregiver for a disabled person
-Are suffering from chronic illness
-Are permanently incapacitated

You may benefit from receiving nutritious home-delivered meals from Meals on Wheels!

All meals are diabetic-friendly and moderate in both fat and sodium.

Meal Choices:

  • ONE HEATABLE NOON MEAL: $7.50 Per Day / $37.50 Per Week
  • TWO MEALS (NOON MEAL & COLD EVENING SUPPLEMENT): $13 Per Day / $65.00 Per Week
  • WEEKEND FROZEN BOX (2 FULL MEALS): $15.00 Per Box / delivered on Fridays, some holidays.

You can purchase a gift card for the meal choices here:

If you are interested in receiving meals but unable to afford the cost, please contact our Meals on Wheels Office: 716-366-8822. If you are over 60, you may be eligible for assistance.

February 2024 menu for private pay.

To learn more about this menu call our office at 716-366-8822.

*If you are a county client, you need to call NY Connects at 716-753-4582